Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to Write my Wrongs Right

This piece really has nothing to do with the title so much as it has to do with one word in it: Time. Time, there never seems to be enough of it. One is always running around with work and school. Why is that one never has enough time? Is is the issue really that we have no time so much as it is being handed...wait, that is not the right terminology. The more proper term is sold. Our time is being sold back to us or in other words...our life is being sold back to us. As they say time is money...time is life as well. There is no life without time otherwise everyone would be six feet under currently. Now, to digress a moment the author of this piece is not writing this to educate one in any way so much as to look more deeply at this man made world that is constructed on a monetary foundation instead of humanistic one. Notice, the author says world and not the United States of America? The author does not point their country even through the author realizes their country might..have something to do with little 14 year old Chinese girls eyes being needled open to make the authors nice pair of shoes that will sell at 500% markup in stores around her nation. One must understand that it is not just America that is infected with the "life is for sale" but the entire globe has it. And it's not being contained it has become like the blubonic plague only it's not manifesting itself with external sickness but internal disturbances within one's mind. Now, back to the authors main point...

Life has become a commodity. It has no value except for which corporations can put a monetary price tag on. According to UNICEF " 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labour - one in six children in the world." 158 MILLION Children. 158 Million children are child laborers. Why are children laboring and not getting an education? An education that could set them free of this gruesome cycle of illiteracy and impoverished living. The problem is that they can not go to school because they have families to help take care of. And of course they have to make our new pair of NIKOOL sneakers. Hey, everyone has to be fashion forward even it does costs a few millions kids their education and a chance at a bright future! Now, the author has gone a tiny bit off track but the author will relate this boring summary of the ruinationofchildrenslives for sneakers so that one can be like their favorite sport's star. Come on, we all want be like Michael Jordan. Even if we can't slam dunk..who says we can't slam dunk with a pair of fly sneakers. This priceless point segways the author of to her point of life/time being sold back to us.

No one has time do the important things anymore, such as create their own fashion style.Since one does not have time to sit down and think about their own sense of fashion because one is to busy drowning in loads of homework or being screeched at by unruly customers...or in some people's cases being stalked by the creepy old guy that sits and watches from across the way as one tries to drink in peace without wandering whether they are in Disturbia. One no longer or has had to worry about that because one will be sold what they dress in via..their favorite movie star. Love Hannah Montana, go out and buy Hannah Montana! Need a new hairstyle, get a Rhianna haircut and prove one's womanhood. One can step into someone they are not and be all they can be and more. It only costs one's sanity, 20% interest plus late and unseen fees. Yes it was in the fine's not they didn't want one to see it, one just happened to forget to charge a 300X magnifying glass to read the fine print. One's identity is nothing more then a commodity that is sold back to them via nick,disney and every other commercial outlet from time one can understand words and say " Mommy,daddy..i want to be like Britney Spears..get me Britney barbie doll!"

Now, (if one has completely read this post, congratulations! One has just won the coveted I'm-sane-again golden globe!) To get back to the main point..there seems to be not enough time enjoy life but in truth their is time. It is just being rationed out to everyone. Our lives are being piecemealed and sold back to us. We have been seperated from reality and now everyone is being sold a new social reality. All of us are being sold fallacious images that one can never attain(yes, that receding hairline is permanent). All of us are being sold who we should be. Our identities have become nothing more then a product that is repackaged every season, and gift wrapped with high interest rates, depression from interacting with virutal people instead of real entities and someone else's ideals. All the author knows is she does not want to be somebody elses play doh to be molded into a preconceived stepford housewife image....oops desperate houswife.. One must know,dignity isn't a hot commodity anymore, it tends bring bad press towards the other fallacious products..not good for business.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rejection(Posted December 24th,2009)

I just got out of speech class half hour ago, and something came across my mind: wealth.
No, not the kind you feed the Tax man or the greedy gass guzzling car. I am talking about a wealth of resources, that I am sitting on, right now. For the past year and half, I've known about dozens of study abroad programs,camps,internships and more. I applied for the NSLI For Youth scholarship, but that didn't work out which discouraged me from applying again this year. To be quite honest, I consider myself to be confident in what I do and tend to go after what I want. This year, I decided not to apply for anything because of the fact that rejection might occur, which is not apart of my vocabulary. Then I started to think about it more over the months, rejection in some way or another will occur. You don't get to choose when it happens but it will in some insidious way happen which is a sad fact of life but a truth. The thing about rejection is how you decide to handle it. Will you let it rule your life? Your relationships? Family life? School? or great opportunities? If you do, (which in some waysthis past year I have) it will be a serious hindrance to what you can accomplish worse then prorastinating. Here's how I see it, you can either decide to let rejection be a stepping stone on the way up or a contrallable,recurring avalanche stopping you from ever reaching the mountain top. So, in the spirit of going forward, I decided about a week and half ago, whether I get rejected or not , I would apply for those study abroad programs, internships and camps by the deadlines and do it with a positive attitude as well as putting my best effort behind these applications. I keep thinking, "if I get even one out of twenty of these opportunities, that would be exemplerary" instead of thinking " I might not get accepted or I might, so i might try...." After finishing reading this book "How to make a habit out of suceeding" by Mack R. Douglas, yesterday, the one thing I took away from it (minus the overuse of quotations)was fear is only a hindrance to your success. Having a "burning desire" driven with attainable goals, persistence and motivation is the path to "sucess" which is something I mostly agree with author on except, I don't have a "burning desire." Desire can be blinding at times if it's not rooted in good,healthy and positive perspective. I would say I have a true dedication to my goals and achieving them, in sha'allah with sucess.

Making the decision to not let one rejection or two, keep from moving forward, is a step in a more positive,dedicated mindset.

That's all for now,